1) Know Your Audience

It is important to know who your readers are and, most importantly, to understand their interests. What would they like to read? You can ask directly, search for the keyword finder, or analyze search results internally

2) Create a fabulous look for your blog

Make your blog a home. Keep it organized and well structured so your visitors feel at ease. Easy navigation will allow your visitors to browse through articles. Attractive pictures and photos will make them come back

3) Attract Visitors

Every blog starts with few or almost no readers. This is normal. However, having a blog is much more fun when visitors read your articles. How to increase the number of page visitors? Be sure to use keywords in titles and content so that it is included in search engines that contain popular terms (SEO). Also, use social networks to spread your content or leave comments on other blogs by placing the link that points to your site

4) Connect with Readers

Try to interact with your readers to show your personality and get to know them better. Respond to comments from both blog and Facebook, Twitter and emails. In return, readers will probably recommend your blog to friends.

5) Connect with other bloggers

Keeping in touch with people in your area allows you to find relevant sources and topics. You could write “guest articles” on other blogs as it is a way of showing the quality of your content. Analyzing bloggers from other areas can also be quite motivating. What kind of titles do they use for your articles? What kind of content do they advertise on social networks? What is more shared? How are these articles structured? You can learn a lot from blogging just by looking at the format used by other bloggers

6) Introduce yourself to advertisers

Make money from your content by integrating media into your blog. There are affiliate agencies that offer advertising opportunities with ads in various formats.

7) Test and optimize

Where do your visitors come from? What are the most read articles? Being knowledgeable about your visitors helps optimize future posts

8) Stay Motivated

Controlling a blog takes time and perseverance, but if you continue to work passionately and offer your users relevant content, your efforts will be worthwhile. Be sure to write about a topic that is interesting to you as it keeps you motivated and inspired