How To Get Advertisers To Your Blog?

Incredibly, the simplest part of all is this. The first advertisers will come from is Affiliate Programs and it works as follows.

Simply sign up for one of these affiliate programs and the company will pass a code to insert into the blog, so the ads for that company will appear on the blog. Each time someone clicks on this ad, or a sale comes from the people who clicked on those ads, the pay will come, depending on the type of Affiliate Program.

How to make money from a new blog

If the blog is new, the first customer is Google itself! That’s right, the first advertiser of a new blog most of the time is Google through the Google Adsense program.

It works as follows. First of all you should open an Adsense account and configure your ads and then copy the code and paste in the areas where you want to publish the ads.

Every time an ad is clicked on, those who are advertising pay a certain amount to Google and it passes on a percentage of the value to the blogger. The money will go to a Google account that is passed on to bloggers from time to time. Very simple. The key to make more money with AdSense is to optimize the value of clicks.

Advertisers who pay for sales

A second group of existing advertisers, and one that will surely appeal to anyone who wants to know how to make money from a blog, are the advertisers who pay for the sales that are made on their blog. These affiliate programs pay commissions per sale and are increasingly common.

A well known affiliate program is from Lomadee and it offers several ads to monetize the blog. This is a very interesting option for those who are starting and want to make money with a fashion blog.

Sale of own or third party info products

Another way to make money with blog is the sale of infoproducts. After becoming a reference in your area, one can develop e-books and perhaps courses to sell online.

If you want to know what to sell on the Internet, there is the answer; their knowledge on a particular subject.

Since we do not have the time nowadays and the need is increasing to get a good place in the job market or even in the world of entrepreneurship, people are looking for manuals and training to help them in this direction. That way you have the opportunity to make money with the infoproducts.

Direct sale of ads

Once the blog gets a considerable number of hits and becomes a benchmark in its segment, then it’s time to start advertising sales directly. This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money from a blog. This is how most successful bloggers offering ad space have the highest revenue on their blogs.

Companies look for sites that talk about a certain subject and that are linked to their products and services and end up finding blogs is a great option. The companies themselves will chase after blogs that are really interesting, and then the blog owner himself will manage that engagement. Creating and managing a blog is a great way to make money, attracting more and more people and entrepreneurs to this segment.

To make money from a blog you have to dedicate yourself

The modern blogger is multipurpose and multidisciplinary and besides dedicates himself with the editorial side should also take care of the optimization issue for search engines – SEO, social networks like Facebook and other forms of online advertising.

You only earn money from a blog if there is dedication and a lot of hard work, because actually blogging is becoming more competitive, only the best and most dedicated are able to stand out, as in any other area. Speaking that the thing is easy is just one more of the myths about making money in AdSense and other programs.