How To Make Money With A Blog

The discovery of how to make money from a blog was for many people the first step in creating an extremely profitable and enjoyable Internet business. The number of people who make a living with their blogs grows worldwide, and when I talk about earning a living, I speak of living it very well, since it is possible to earn a lot of money by creating and managing a blog.

Perhaps you have never gone further into this matter, for not knowing the various options available to make money from a blog. That’s why the Google AdSense Course team has compiled this guide to give you insight into the various income-generating opportunities through a blog.

Before we start talking about making money from a blog, we must make it clear that to be successful in this business requires great dedication. Do not think that a successful blogger works two hours a day and then goes for fun. To make money with a blog requires a lot of dedication, organization and planning.

A lot of people started out in this business as a hobby or hobbyist, and today they make a living doing it. There are several options for site monetization and we can use them in isolation or in combination.

It is a great illusion to think that you create a blog and publish anything in there, money will start to appear out of nowhere. As with all activities it is necessary to be well organized and to work hard.

The first step to make money with a blog is to make money with a blog we need to have a publishing platform, a software so that a blog can be created. This platform must be really good and flexible and able to implement the ads, which will be the largest source of revenue.

The WordPress, as a content management platform is used worldwide and better but it’s free.

To work with WordPress will not be difficult. On the Internet there are thousands of tutorials on WordPress. If you feel better and you want to know how to organize a blog, you can take a course on blogging and thus, make it much more professional. After installing the platform, it’s time to start producing the content and start making money.

Where does the revenue from a blog come from?

Basically there are two ways to make money from a blog. The first way is by selling advertising space and the second is selling some type of product on your site, usually info products.

In both cases, it is essential that the blog has enough access and for this we need to have relevant content that is interesting to the public. It’s best to focus on a certain subject and create content that really engages and help people.

Nor can we think of going out and copying the various articles already published on the Internet, as it will not work. Developing your own content and then posting on the blog is critical. The first tip to know how to make money on the Internet, is: Work hard!